WEEKS 9-11


Week 9: 5-9 March

Wednesday 07/03:
READING FOR TODAY: Heptameron (1): 38-39, 47-59, 60-70 + 2 stories from the First Day (your choice, from the 10). Decide which two frame-narrator characters you would like to follow (38-39 may help you decide). You may choose to follow more than two, and you may change your mindalong the way and decide to follow someone else instead… You may also find it helpful to follow their comments on other characters’ stories, to see how the characters interact.
Weekly blog posts will have a slightly different format for this part of the course: there will be a section for each frame-narrator (ex. Oisille), each of which will be a “reply” to that “post.” Please add your comment in response to the appropriate reply (ex. Oisille).
→→→ lecture: introduction and background

Friday 09/03:
READING FOR TODAY: Heptameron (2): The Second Day: 155 (prologue) + your two characters’ stories + 232-34
→→→ discussion
BLOG WRITING FOR TODAY: either on The Celestina or on The Heptameron (week 9 post, appearing 02/03)

Week 10: 12-16 March

Monday 12/03:
READING FOR TODAY: Heptameron (3): The Third Day: 235 (prologue) + your two characters’ stories + 321-23
→→→ lecture

Wednesday 14/03:
READING FOR TODAY: Heptameron (4): The Fourth Day: 324-25 (prologue) + your two characters’ stories + 370-75
→→→ lecture

Friday 16/03:
READING FOR TODAY: Heptameron (5): The Fifth Day: 376 (prologue) + your two characters’ stories + 425-27
BLOG WRITING BY MONDAY 19th: (week 10 post, appearing 09/03)

  • Option 1: blog post on today’s reading from Heptameron
  • Option 2: attend any session of the UBC Medieval Workshop (16-18 March) and blog about your experience.
    – Bonus: besides contributing to your portfolio, this blog post can ALSO be substituted for one quiz.
    – You may come to any session(s), though you’d need to register. Registration is free for students and includes coffee (lunch is extra). More on that here; though if you let me know in advance if you’re planning to attend, I can do the requisite form-filling etc. for you… Some suggestions on sessions that might be of interest:
    —Friday 12.00-1.00 keynote lecture (during our usual class time), room A101
    —Saturday 12.00-1.00 keynote lecture, room A201

Week 11: 19-23 March

Monday 19/03:
READING FOR TODAY: Heptameron (6): The Sixth Day: 428 (prologue) + your two characters’ stories + 473-75
→→→ lecture

Wednesday 21/03:
READING FOR TODAY: Heptameron (7): The Seventh and Eighth Days: 476-77 (prologue) + your two characters’ stories + 532-43
→→→ lecture

Friday 23/03:
BLOG WRITING FOR TODAY: (week 11 post, appearing 16/03)