the blogging portfolio

Portfolio of weekly course blog entries, responses to readings, and comments (best 10; maximum 20 if you can’t decide) = 15% of your final grade. See also: assessment

(1) due 12:00 noon on Wednesday (25th) at the latest; email your selection to me (many of you have done this already: well done). You can either
—tell me which ones (weekly blog number, date and time, if you’re adventurous the comment URL)
—or copy-paste your posts into a document (any file format) and email that to me
—or copy-paste them into the main body of an email to me
(2) relax: you don’t need to finish them tonight… I’ll email each of you to acknowledge receipt, along the way, starting tomorrow morning.
(3) one last tip: go to bed. Get some rest. You have an exam tomorrow! Your prof is going to sleep very soon too, for the same reason.

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