This site is the repository for the archives of RMST221 (AY2011-12/Wt2). Everything that was previously at RMST221 at UBC Blogs will be copied over to this present mirror-version. Meanwhile, RMST221 at UBC Blogs will morph into its next incarnation shortly before the beginning of term, and will thereafter be used (with a new password for certain parts) solely for the current academic year’s version of the course.

On this archive site: you will find everything that was on the UBC Blogs site, including links to all of your (i.e. 2011-12 students’) contributions to discussion and commentary on the blog proper. Most of the posts (and all student comments) are password-protected (except for the present one and items that will be appearing in the Course menu). Only participants in the course know this password.

While the site is public, the deployment of passwords bars public access to almost everything on this site–the sole exceptions being the aforementioned documents and materials which are publicly accessible elsewhere already, with rights residing with UBC and Juliet O’Brien. Most importantly, in this way student privacy and intellectual property rights are protected.

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Protected: vote for projects!

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the blogging portfolio

Portfolio of weekly course blog entries, responses to readings, and comments (best 10; maximum 20 if you can’t decide) = 15% of your final grade. See also: assessment

(1) due 12:00 noon on Wednesday (25th) at the latest; email your selection to me (many of you have done this already: well done). You can either
—tell me which ones (weekly blog number, date and time, if you’re adventurous the comment URL)
—or copy-paste your posts into a document (any file format) and email that to me
—or copy-paste them into the main body of an email to me
(2) relax: you don’t need to finish them tonight… I’ll email each of you to acknowledge receipt, along the way, starting tomorrow morning.
(3) one last tip: go to bed. Get some rest. You have an exam tomorrow! Your prof is going to sleep very soon too, for the same reason.

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Thursday 19 April
12:00 noon – 2:30 p.m.
Henry Angus (Sauder business school) room 241
See more here.

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Week 12: Lazarillo de Tormes & The Swindler


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Protected: Weekly blog (13): Pícaro

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